25mm Ceramic Axle Bearings

25mm Ceramic Axle Bearings
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Product Description

These are top of the line 25mm Ceramic rear axle bearings. The best ultra free spinning ceramic on the market. Used by all of the top Teams.

Let's face it. When racing, the difference in fractional seconds can mean the placement of first to second! When your racing demands high performance, then you need ceramic bearings.

Here are just a few advantages of ceramic:

They are harder yielding greater wear resistence

They have superor corrosion resistence

They have a superior surface finish

They have a superior surface quality (less friction)

They have superior ball geometry

The are lighter weight and yeild better high speed endurance

They are ideal for low lube of self-lubricating applications

They are non-magenetic and non-conductive

They can operate in extreme temperatures

Cost is for (1) bearing if you want more than one please add to your shopping kart and then adjust the quantity.